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Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming Services in Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Daniel Island.

When you’re planning out your yard, you have dozens of species of shrubs to choose to make your lawn unique. However, one thing that all bushes have in common is that they require proper trimming to continue growing strong all year. Pruning shrubs not only leaves them shaped and well-manicured, but it promotes ideal growing conditions. Incorrect trimming, however, can prevent the core plant from receiving enough sunlight, leading to a shrub rotting from the inside.

If you don’t know the correct way to trim your plants or you lack the time, you need the trusted choice in Mount Pleasant , Isle of Palms, and Daniel Island, SC shrub trimming services. Choosing Sunrise Lawn for your landscaping needs means expert quality and lower pricing every day. Don’t put your shrubs at risk from an accidental hack job and dull shears. Instead, let us help you with the best in complete yard maintenance solutions.

Shrub Maintenance Mount Pleasant

Many homeowners don’t think twice about lopping off multiple branches at once. However, what they forget is that as a living thing, too much strain at once can destroy it. Every time a branch is removed the plant experiences a rapid loss of nutrients. That means that there should only be so many removed at one time to protect it from harm best.

Another mistake is cutting the wrong branches off. While you do want all the dead growth removed, there is the angle and amount of sunlight to consider as well. For such a straightforward chore, there are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong. Make sure that your shrubs stay in good hands and let our landscaping experts assist you.

Why Shrub Trimming?

Some people are skeptical about hiring their trimming needs out to a professional service provider. However, we have the experience you can depend on for the best results possible throughout the entire year. Did you know that pruning during the wrong season can leave your plants stunted and disfigured? Even if it doesn’t appear it, your plants are always growing and using resources.

All plants undergo some form of growing cycle, from lying dormant in winter to blossoming in spring. That also means that there are necessary amounts of resources that are necessary to accomplish that specific growing condition. All it takes is one wrong trimming session to ruin an otherwise healthy shrub. Don’t make the same mistakes others did and let us keep your plants safe.

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You could spend hours carefully snipping limbs by hand and raking them all up. Or, you could enjoy more time for the things you enjoy doing by hiring us for your yard. We offer the affordable choice in local trimming and landscape maintenance services, making us the trusted choice for more yards. Whatever your areas of concern might be, we guarantee the best solutions possible.

Call now for a free estimate on complete shrub and yard maintenance services. No one knows shrubs like the landscaping professionals at Sunrise Lawn.

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