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Pine Straw Installation

Pine Straw Installation Services in Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Daniel Island.

While you can’t argue with the benefits of mulch applications, not all homeowners prefer its appearance. Some are worried that wood chips can attract palmetto bugs, or that the style will clash with the rest of the yard’s appearances. Another alternative that is widely popular throughout the greater Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, and Daniel Island South Carolina community is pine straw installation. By adding stacks of pine straw throughout your planters, flowerbeds, and other plants, it provides the same benefits of mulching without the wood chips.

Whether you prefer the more rustic appearance that pine straw creates, or you just enjoy it better, we provide convenient and affordable installations every day. No matter which of your plants you might be thinking of treating, we offer the best product and quality of installation possible. You don’t need to continue to wait for your local hardware store to start carrying pine needles in stock again. Instead, one call to us gives your yard lasting protection and a lovelier appearance for less.

Pine Straw Applications

In addition to creating a unique yard theme, pine straw provides many benefits to your lawns. The slender needles weave together to prevent water loss in the hotter seasons while insulating the ground around the plant to defend it in the winter. You will find that your plants require less maintenance and watering, as well as show fewer signs of stress. By shielding the base of the plant and its root systems, it can use more of its resources in growing more vibrantly.

Whether you have a particular set of flowers that struggle with the heat or you want something other than wood mulch, pine straw is the preferred choice for many homeowners. Let us give your plants the best protection possible today. When our team installs your pine straw, it means having a professional quality of finish and lasting quality. Make sure your yard is ready for anything and choose us to help you.

Why Pine Straw?

Wood mulch is a quality additive to most residential yards. Depending on the plant they’re installed on though, it might not be the best option. Pine straw has the benefit of allowing water runoff while retaining the moisture your plants require. Mulching, however, can get impacted, leading to mold growth and too moist of growing conditions. Because the needles of pine straw are thin, it also allows more air to circulate throughout it. When mulching gets too piled together, it may wind up choking the plants out from a lack of oxygen.

Pine straw still delivers nutritional value for your lawns, making them an alternative form of natural fertilizers. When you don’t want to see mulching chips in your planters and flowerbeds, you need Sunrise Lawn for the best in local pine straw application services.

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