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Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation Services in Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Daniel Island.

Everyone wishes that their plants were in better health, but not everyone knows which additives and products to purchase. Worst yet is discovering how toxic many bottled products can be when their chemicals seep into the ground. Although you might be worried about spreading weeds, invasive pests, or even your plants lacking the right nutrition, it can get overwhelming with the number of products available. How can you know for sure that you’re making the best purchase possible?

At Sunrise Lawn, we provide more Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, and Daniel Island residents with an all-natural product that solves more of your lawn care concerns. Calling us means receiving quality organic mulching applied directly to your plants and flowerbeds, providing lasting fertilization and protection. No other products offer such a variety of benefits like the right type of mulch. Give your plants what they need with the best in local mulch delivery & installation service.

Mulch Delivery Service

In addition to the many options in fertilizers and landscaping chemicals, you’ve likely seen bags of mulching sold in your local hardware store or nursery. So what makes our product any different than what’s already available to you? The fact of the matter is many brands of bagged mulch use poor-quality plant materials. They also remain bagged for months before they get set into the store’s shelf.

In that time, the mulch has likely gotten wet, or at least partially moistened. As a result, it already begins leeching out the nutrients, meaning there is less for your plants to absorb. We purchase our mulching fresh from the source from several supply yards in the community. When you receive a superior quality mulching, it means prolonged nutrition for your lawns to love.

Mulch Installation Service

Installing mulching for your plants is one of the best things that a homeowner can do for their lawn care needs. Unfortunately, too much of a good product can cause more issues later. Mulching is dense chips and strips of wood, leaves, and other green debris. Stacking too much in one area will likely suffocate a plant, as well as preventing the roots from getting the necessary amount of sunlight.

Too little, on the other hand, will be as if it wasn’t there at all. You’ll still be presenting weeds and bugs with the opportunity that they need to take over your yard. Choosing us means getting the best in local organic mulch installation services. We know the right amount for any plant type, including grass, giving your entire yard the care options that it deserves.

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If you know that your plants need help but aren’t sure what to give them, then don’t risk accidentally poisoning them with toxic additives. Instead, call Sunrise Lawn today and give your yards the best quality of mulching applications that they need.

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