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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Services in Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Daniel Island.

When it comes to maintaining your perfect lawn, are you sure that you have everything that your plants need? If you are like many residents, you might be shocked to learn how much work your lawn is every week. When you need a convenient and affordable choice in local landscape maintenance services, you have many options. However, few provide the complete level of yard care that your home needs to continue appearing its best.

For the expert choice in complete landscaping solutions, you can always rely on Sunrise Lawn. We complete more forms of yard maintenance every week to numerous area residents. No matter what your lawns require to continue growing lush, we have the affordable solution each time. Call today for your complete maintenance options for greener lawns and healthier plants. Choosing us means receiving comprehensive services for less each day.

Mount Pleasant Landscaping

Most landscape contractors limit your service to only grass cutting and quick weekly weed control sprays. However, once they leave your yard continues to remain a mess. Instead, we strive to leave your yard manicured every week, all without charging more than we must. When you provide the best in landscaping solutions at reduced costs, it helps more residents enjoy their outdoor areas more.

Whether you need us to trim up your bushes and hedges, apply quality mulching to your plants, or remove weeds from your flowerbeds, we offer the dedicated lawn care options you need each time. No one else offers as many choices at competitive rates than us. See why more homeowners trust their yards to us over any other service provider. Choose the expert choice in complete lawn maintenance options today.

Why Lawn Maintenance?

If you are like many people, you likely ignore most of your landscaping needs until you perform a total seasonal cleaning. However, once your exterior gets wholly taken over by weeds, branches, and leaves, you could spend days trying to get it back to normal. Overgrowth and dead plant matter attract invasive pests, putting your home and family at risk for varmints, termites, mosquitos, and other pesky critters. Even after you’ve spruced up, these infiltrators may linger behind.

The best way to secure your yards is through preventative landscaping maintenance performed each week. When you follow up with frequent pruning and raking, it makes your lawns easy to keep up with without the hassle. Go beyond your typical landscaping contractors and get the quality of lasting service that you deserve today. Call Sunrise Lawn now for your free service estimate and see how much we can save you every month.

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