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Why You Should Edge Your Lawn

by Jul 18, 2018Uncategorized

When it’s time to “mow the lawn” each weekend, do you only mow the lawn? If so, your lawn may only look “good” – when it could, in fact, look amazing.

When paired with regular mowing, a quality fertilization and weed control program, and trimming, edging your lawn can make all the difference in the world.

You may be asking, “is edging really that important?” There are several benefits to edging your lawn.

First, edging your lawn can improve the health of your grass by reducing border-loving weeds. It also creates distinct lines on your property (around your driveway, sidewalks, and landscapes), creating an overall tidy, clean, and manicured look.

How do you choose the right equipment for edging your lawn?

According to The Landscape Market, “Choosing the right equipment for the job is fairly simple, as the type of equipment you need depends mostly on your budget, the size of the lawn you’ll be using your equipment on, and how frequently you plan to edge and trim your lawn. For example, if your implements will see frequent use, or if you have a large lawn, the more powerful implements may suit you best.

If your lawn is small and does not require much time spent edging, a pair of vertical cutting shears will do a great job, at less expense. However, if you have more than a quarter acre of lawn or plan to edge frequently, you’ll benefit from purchasing an electrical or gas-powered edger.

One of the biggest budget-busting decisions you’ll make when purchasing these tools is choosing between electric and gas-powered models. If you’re able to reach all corners of your lawn using implements that you connect home electrical outlet, you’ll be able to use an electrical trimmer and edger. Most of these implements typically reach to a distance of 100 to 150 feet from an outlet.

However, if you’ll need to extend beyond that distance, you may need to invest a little more in a gas-powered tool. These are also good to use if you have a large lawn that requires a great deal of trimming, as gas-powered units tend to be smaller and more mobile than their electrical counterparts. The downside is that gas-powered tools require more maintenance, and are often more noisy than electrical models.

If you’re planning to buy both an edger and a trimmer, you may be able to save money by purchasing a horizontal trimmer that can be used for edging as well as trimming. This can be achieved simply by turning the trimmer at an angle that allows it to cut horizontally. You won’t achieve as clean an edge when you cut using a trimmer, but if you’re planning to buy gas-powered implements you’ll save anywhere from $100 to $300 by choosing a tool that can cover both tasks.”

If you’re a DIY-lover and want to make your lawn look like it was cared for by professionals, consider edging your lawn regularly. If you ever have questions about lawn care, please contact us.

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