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The 3 Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes

by Jul 18, 2018Uncategorized

It’s almost March! The busy, grass-cutting season is almost here.

As lawn care experts, we see these mistakes frequently when taking over a customer’s lawn care. We want to spare you the time and energy it takes to fix the problems, so you can enjoy your lawn this year.

1. Using Dull Blades

Sharpening your mower blades is a great way to prepare for the upcoming season now. Your mower blades should be sharpened at least twice per season (more often if you have a large yard or mow multiple properties).

How can you tell if your mower blades are dull? First, if you used them to mow your lawn last year and haven’t sharpened them yet, they need to be sharpened.

Once you start mowing, you can tell it’s time to sharpen blades by the way they cut. Your lawn will look torn or pulled and potentially turn brown or gray, leaving your grass vulnerable to disease.

Click here to learn how to sharpen mower blades.

2. Cutting Too Short

We understand the temptation to cut your lawn short. That means you’ll have more time between cuts, right?

There’s a reason why professional lawn care companies cut your lawn tall (around four inches, on average). It isn’t to sneak in more cuts and charge you more.

Cutting too short is terrible for the health of your lawn.

When you do your lawn mower maintenance this spring, set your blade height between 3.5″ – 4″ for the very best cut.

3. Watering Daily

Lawns need an inch of water per week. In the rainy spring season, nature may water (or over-water) your lawn for you. Once summer and dry weather arrive, you may be on your own.

Try to do it in the morning to conserve the most water. Aim for long, even watering sessions. Remember: it’s best to water your lawn deeply and less frequently (versus watering every day with less water).

To find out how much water your lawn has received, place a cup (or an empty can of tuna, for example) near your sprinkler.

We hope this has helped! Whether you hire a professional or maintain your own lawn this year, avoid these three lawn care mistakes and your lawn will be sure to thank you.

This article was originally posted on Sloan’s Lawn Care and Landscaping‘s blog. It was used with permission by the author.

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