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How To Hire The Best Lawn Care Company For Your Mt. Pleasant HOA

by Jul 18, 2018Uncategorized

Lawn care and landscape maintenance can typically be one of a homeowner association’s (HOA) largest expenses. When you choose the right lawn care company for your HOA, you can rest easy knowing that your HOA is in good hands. The lawn and landscapes will look great, the provider will do the job right, and they’ll always be there when they say they will.

Hiring the wrong lawn care company for your HOA can exasperate expenses and result in a unhealthy lawn, neglected landscapes, and a lot of frustration.

Here we’ll walk you through hiring the best lawn care company for your HOA.

Three Questions to Ask Your Lawn Care Company Before Signing a Contract

  1. “Do you have referrals?”

Even a newer lawn care company should have five star reviews to share with you. In the day and age of Facebook reviews, Google reviews, Angie’s ListHomeAdvisor, and more… someone should have something great to say about your lawn care company.

Before you sign a contract, ask for their referrals or links to their online reviews. You may specifically ask for reviews from other homeowner associations, but any and all reviews should be a good indicator of quality.

2. “Do you use sub-contractors?”

Contrary to popular belief, not every lawn care company is licensed, qualified, or interested in providing all services. Some of the most professional, organized, and reliable companies will sub-contract specialty lawn care services to other local companies.

Be sure to ask about all sub-contracted work if you’re looking for additional or specialty services, such as fertilization, weed control, pest control, large tree trimming, etc.

Hiring a sub-contractor can be a great thing. Some lawn care companies will take care of all vetting, price checking, scheduling, and invoicing, so you’ll still pay your lawn care company for all services performed under a sub-contract.

3. “What value-adding services do you offer?”

In other words, what makes this company stand out? Do they offer online invoicing? Do they have full-time, responsive office staff?

The lawn care and landscaping industry has seen a major shift in convenience-minded practices, so ask your lawn care company if they offer an online portal or any other value-adding service you’re interested in.

Address Two Common Complaints About Lawn Care Companies & HOAs

What are the two biggest reasons HOAs look for a new lawn care or landscaping company? Lack of communication and not being proactive.

Ask your lawn care company how communicative and responsive they are. Ask if they can be easily reached by phone or e-mail. Will you speak directly to the crews in the field, or do they have management or clerical staff?

Know who to reach and when you can reach them, and then hold them to a high standard of solid communication.

Hire a Lawn Care Company For Your HOA

A professional lawn care company should be a true partner to your HOA and always have its best interest at heart. If you need more information or would like a free quote for lawn care or landscaping services at your HOA, please contact our team.

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