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5 Ways To Let Nature Do Your Yard Work

by Jul 18, 2018Uncategorized

Are you the low-maintenance type? Do you want to enjoy your lawn instead of work in it?

A totally work-free lawn and landscape may not exist, BUT there are a few ways to let nature do your yard work for you.

1. Feed Bugs to the Birds

Bugs are at the height of their life cycle in the spring and summer, which leaves your grass, flowers, and plants vulnerable to their destruction. To control the insect population on your property, encourage birds.

Place a bird bath in your landscape. Plant shady trees for them to plant their nests. Add a bird feeder with seeds and nuts, and you’re set. You’ll have bird friends for life (and less bugs)!

2. Share Your Coffee

Do you throw away your coffee grounds every morning? Save them for your plants! Nitrogen-loving plants (such as roses) love the extra dose of nutrients your used coffee grounds can provide.

Sprinkle up to a cup of used, dry coffee grounds around the base of each plant, and watch them thrive!

3. Save the Rain

Use barrels (such as these) to collect rainwater, store them, and use them to water your gardens when needed. This is especially useful in times of drought when water restrictions may be in place.

4. Live With Toads

…Well, you don’t have to live with them – just let them stay in your backyard.

Toads eat plant-damaging pests such as slugs, snails, and insects, which can mean a healthier life for your landscapes (and a fat and happy toad).

5. Grasscycle

Last but not least, take up “grasscycling.” When you leave your grass clippings on your lawn, they decompose and add nutrients back to your soil. Natural fertilizer? No bagged grass on your curb? Yes, please!

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